If you’ve decided to follow Jesus, getting baptized is your next step! Baptism is an outward expression of what you have already decided in your heart. If you’re ready to make that public declaration, please email to be scheduled!

About Baptism

Baptism is a powerful and necessary step of every believer. When Christians are baptized, they are submerged under water to identify with the death and burial of Jesus and raised out of the water to identify with His resurrection. When we go into the baptism waters, it symbolizes death to sin and self, and as we come up out of the water, it symbolizes being raised up a new person in Christ. It is an acknowledgment to the world that you have decided to follow Jesus.

Jesus made His confession of faith public by being water baptized when He was on the earth, and we do this to follow His example and His command. Baptism is a step of obedience and the covenant seal of our relationship with Christ.


The only qualification for baptism is to believe and confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He died for your sins, and that He was resurrected, conquering death for you. Baptism is a symbol of the salvation that has already taken place in your life.