“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of fire.” -William Butler Yeats

Welcome to The Well Academy, a dynamic liberal arts tutorial and enrichment program designed to elevate the learning experience for 9th to 12th grade students. Meeting one day a week and nestled in a safe, nurturing environment, The Well Academy is more than just a tutorial—it's a relevant educational haven that equips students for a life of relationship, leadership, and service to others.

At The Well Academy, we aim to partner with Christian parents to develop lifelong learners who discover purpose and impact the world for Christ. Our educational philosophy is geared toward inspiring curiosity, critical thinking, and providing a well-rounded education that goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries.

Students will engage in discussions, hands-on projects, and collaborative activities that encourage them to apply what they’re learning.

Our dedicated instructors bring their trade, background and expertise and are committed to nurturing each student's unique strengths and talents. Small class sizes ensure personalized attention, allowing teachers to mentor and guide students on their academic and spiritual journeys. We foster a supportive learning environment where self-expression is celebrated, and individual voices are heard.

Is your student ready to grow beyond textbooks? Are they longing to see their future in terms of character and purpose? Maybe it’s time to explore a different type of education at The Well Academy.


Classes will launch on August 14, 2024, and will meet weekly on Wednesdays 9am-4pm through May at The Well-Columbia. Full-day students should bring a lunch. All school holidays will be observed in tandem with Maury County Schools, unless notified otherwise. Two 17-week semesters will comprise the calendar year.


An application will be required from prospective students, and an entrance interview will be requested to assure that students and parents are in agreement with our social and educational goals. Upon acceptance, a deposit of $100 applicable toward the first month’s tuition will be due to hold the student’s place in enrollment.

Tuition of $225 should be paid monthly, with the first payment due by August 1. It may also be paid in full for the term ($1125) or the year ($2250) if preferred. Half day registration (3 classes) is available at $150 per month.

Classes and Instructors for Fall 2024

A broad introduction to art includes the basics of visual arts, such as the elements of design and also the materials and methods of art. An overview of the history of art in our culture will also be explored. Students will expand their creativity to think “outside the box,” as well as develop skills in various media. They will enjoy stepping into a creative and peaceful atmosphere where expression of ideas can be fun and fulfilling.

Instructor: After graduating from college with a graphic design degree, Jessica Mingo pursued that industry for a while, but really missed paint and brushes. Soon enough, she was back to painting and teaching local art classes. She is looking forward to sharing her love of art with new students.
Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance will teach your teens money skills they’ll use now and for the rest of their lives, giving them a solid foundation for their future. This course trades boring formulas and financial theories for time-tested principles and real-life applications. Some video content will be used, but two instructors will tag team to lead the class in discussions, answer questions and provide assignments. The coursework will also cover interview skills.

Instructors: Pastor Chris Brown and Matthew Hutchison. Chris brings over 20 years of experience in ministry, plus financial expertise from working alongside Dave Ramsey as a radio host. He is a talented speaker and teacher. Matthew has a 20 year career in medical and surgical device sales. His business and leadership experience make him passionate about teaching teens finance from a biblical standpoint as well as real world application.
Did you know that the Old Testament is just as relevant to the life of Jesus as the New Testament is? From the earliest portions of the Bible we can still see the story of redemption being set up to deliver God's people through Christ. Enjoy the many dramatic stories of deception and reconciliation in the book of Genesis on a detailed level with cultural and archaeological details. Lessons like "Bad Bite," "VP Joe," and "God Makes Lemonade" will include discussion time to apply biblical truth to our own lives.

Instructor: Marcia Daugherty is a former magazine editor and published author with a bachelor's degree from Taylor University in sacred music, Bible and liberal arts. She has also worked in college admissions, arts administration, and music ministry. In the past she has homeschooled and taught several co-op subjects, and she believes that learning should be interesting, interactive, and fun no matter the topic.
Diving deep into the Constitution and our nation’s leadership, we will explore these topics from a biblical worldview. What is our responsibility as Christians? Beyond just voting, how can we take a stand for our beliefs in fruitful ways? How do we influence others to help protect our freedom of religion? Learn about our form of government, how to dialogue about it in healthy ways, and how to make a difference for the future. Our school year will culminate with a community service project aimed at practicing the leadership skills we learned.

Instructor: After attending Portland Bible College, Ashley Schang served as a pastor for ten years. She founded a K-8 homeschool co-op in her former community, and brings five years of homeschool experience to the instructor team. She is passionate about teaching and raising up students to lead their own generation in all spheres of influence.
God has created humans to be threefold—body, mind and spirit. Explore caring for the body and mind with natural methods and how to evaluate sources of information found on the internet. Learn how to check the science of natural healing alternatives and determine which are fads and which are valid, proven methods. Examine tools for emotional health that are easily accessible and scripturally sound.

Instructor: Marcia Daugherty, CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional)
Study one of the most widely spoken languages in the world with a native speaker! Practice conversational Spanish and other Level 1 skills. Details and instructor bio coming soon!