June 30, 2022


What are your convictions? Are they strong or weak?

In what areas are you courageous? In what areas do you lack courage? 

Are you consistent or inconsistent? 

Are you content or discontent? 

Conviction. Courage. Consistency. Contentment. 

We don’t always see those characteristics in people today, do we? 

On Father’s Day, Pastor Chris continued the “Breaking Free” series by talking about the Freedom in Manhood. He shared about how Daniel in the Bible had character 

traits that set him apart. He was a man of conviction, courage, consistency, and contentment. Because of his characteristics, Daniel influenced many and turned several kings toward the one true God. 

In addition to the wonderful teaching on our very first Father’s Day at The Well, six people were saved, seven were baptized, and we had near record attendance. It was an epic day! There was also a block party after church–complete with food, fun, and games! As great as the day was, there were probably some individuals in the crowd carrying around sadness because of the relationships with their fathers. I imagine they found it difficult to celebrate the occasion dedicated to dads.

I was fortunate to have a good relationship with my dad, but I realize not everyone has positive experiences with theirs. Regardless of the connection with your father (or lack thereof), please know God loves you. It’s a love without conditions. It’s a love that know no bounds. 

No matter what your relationship is or was like with your earthly Father, you are known to your heavenly Father. God even knows the number of hairs on your head. “Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” – Luke 12:7 

I recently met a kind lady at church with twin boys. I saw them again a week later, said “hello,” and called them by name. One of the boys looked up with me with his sparkling brown eyes and a surprised look on his face. “You know me? You know us?” – he happily inquired.

“Yes!” I smiled and patted him on the back. He smiled back and beamed with pride! Just having that acknowledgement of being seen and known, seemed to mean the world to that young man. The special moment reminded me that the sweet boy is also seen and known by the Lord. 

The Lord knows you too. He’s there for you, and just as God knew Daniel’s characteristics, He knows yours. He will help you stand strong with your beliefs. He can take any of your character traits and use them. 

You are known, and He knows your name. It isn’t necessary to ask the Lord, “You know me?” –because you can rest assured, He does. He knows you and dearly loves you. 

By Kristy Ensor 

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